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Socialsuite makes technology for social impact and ESG reporting.

I’m interested in monitoring my nonprofit’s impact on people.

I would like to demonstrate my organization’s ESG commitments.

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Socialsuite’s impact technology makes it easy to measure, monitor and report on how your activities affect the community and our environment.

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Social impact measurement

Impact technology for outcomes-driven nonprofits, social enterprises and NGOs.

Imagine what we could achieve if every company had a positive impact on the planet.

ESG Reporting

A simple, standardized solution for Environmental, Social, and Governance reporting and disclosures.

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Are you a monitoring and evaluation professional? Partner with Socialsuite to transform your clients’ impact journey and scale your business.


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We understand that Impact Measurement is no easy task. Which is exactly why we exist - our passionate team (and our sophisticated tech 😉) helps organizations around the world to get started - and gain confidence - at every step of their journey.

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