Socialsuite offers a simple, affordable reporting platform for teams committed to making change.

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Simple, yet effective software solutions for organizations.

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Because changing the world shouldn’t cost the earth.

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We’ve helped over 150 nonprofits & public companies to share their impact.

Socialsuite Pro

For outcomes-driven nonprofits, foundations, social enterprises & NGOs looking to secure increased funding, give time back to employees, and engage your communities.

  • Outline programs, define a Theory of Change and identify outcomes
  • Ask questions and collect data using simple surveys
  • Unlock actionable, visualized insights to improve program design
  • Scale services and secure increased funding

For public companies, including those listed on Nasdaq, NYSE, ASX, OTC and TSX that need a simple and standardized solution for disclosing Environmental, Social, and Governance information.

  • Commit to genuine ESG disclosure progress
  • Report against the Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics ESG framework
  • Get started using a simpler, more cost-effective approach
  • Develop ESG knowledge with best-in-class ESG coaching
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Reporting shouldn’t slow you down.

Disclosing your organization’s world-changing progress shouldn’t feel complicated or time-consuming. Our secure, reliable and easy-to-use platform empowers teams to gain visibility and clarity on the way their actions impact the world around them.

Reporting against the World Economic Forum’s ESG Metrics on Socialsuite’s ESG platform has been important for ECT to become a ‘best-of-peer’ clean technology company, increasing the attractiveness to our current and future stakeholders.
Glenn Fozard, CEO of Environmental Clean Technologies
In the context of extending our ESG framework across the whole business it is important that we embrace the social and governance factors to back up our environmental benefits and drive value in our company.
Martin Carolan, Managing Director & CEO of Global Energy Ventures
Latin Resources believes that ESG criteria paves the way forward for sustainable business and investment.
Chris Gale, Executive Director of Latin Resources
We’ve found some potential investors that want to be in the impact space - Socialsuite has changed the game. Every time you login to Socialsuite, you're actually trying to think about better practice.
Lyndsay Reed, CEO of Minbos Resources