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Affordable technology and personalized coaching for outcomes-driven nonprofits, public foundations, social enterprises and NGOs looking to better understand how their initiatives impact people.

Socialsuite’s end-to-end nonprofit solution helps teams to start, improve and scale impact measurement in MONTHS, not years.

A collaborative, simplified approach to powerful social impact measurement.

Step 1

Experienced Impact Coach

Tailored workshops, sessions and guidance to build impact measurement capacity within your team.

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Step 2

Impact measurement platform

Nonprofit-friendly software to help you to measure, monitor, and report on your social impact progress.

Step 3

Your long-term impact solution

Socialsuite helps to build practices and structures for building long-term impact measurement culture.

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Case studies

Meet the organizations using Socialsuite’s impact software and coaching solution to show the change they are making to the world.

Mission Edge builds capacity for impact measurement with Socialsuite within 4 months

Social impact measurement is mission critical for many nonprofits. With clearer, more reliable data, organizations can secure increased funding, and engage board members, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders – while also freeing up resources to continue their important work. Mission Edge commenced its outcomes measurement journey with the help of Socialsuite - and they haven’t looked back since.

How Black Dog made significant capacity gains in impact measurement

As the demand for proving value and impact increases, Black Dog Institute has a multitude of reasons to develop a robust program.

How outcomes measurement is helping create a better future for Danes

How Den Sociale Kapitalfond leveraged automation to improve the lives of over 160 organizations and companies.


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What is the difference between an Output and an Outcome?

Outputs are the services, programs and support your organization provides - the activities (or the what) that enable outcomes. Whereas Outcomes refers to the changes that happen as a result of your program, activity or service. They are mostly characterized as a change in circumstance, knowledge, skill, behavior or attitude.

What is social outcomes measurement?

When we talk about social outcomes measurement, we refer to an evidence-based process that assesses how well a program has achieved its intended results.

Why aren't surveys sufficient for outcomes measurement?

Surveying beneficiaries is a great first step, however, they can't offer the deep insight that you need to make service decisions or secure funding. The issue with surveys is that they ask questions at a single point in time, making it hard to prove long-term impact and often manual which can lead to inconsistencies that compromise the integrity of the data.

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