Impact measurement, simplified

For outcomes-driven nonprofits, public foundations, social enterprises and NGOs looking to better understand how their initiatives impact people.

Impact measurement, simplified
Demonstrate positive social change with Socialsuite
In today’s world, impact reporting is just as important as financial. But that doesn’t make it any less of a complicated, time-consuming task - especially if you’re lacking reliable data. But what if you had access to technology that made it easier? A tool that helped secure increased funding, gave time back to your employees, and engaged your board members, customers, beneficiaries, suppliers and communities?
Our favorite product features
Powerful impact technology to support the change you’re making.
Improve response rates through smart surveys
Use Socialsuite’s Survey Builder to schedule and send up to 5,000 emails per day. Our survey tool has everything you need to get the best results from your community - including customizable elements, multiple question formats and easy-to-use templates.
Beneficiary Entry Survey
Simplify your strategy with Socialsuite's Template Library
Socialsuite’s Template Library is home to evidence-based social impact frameworks and tools. It’s a great place to start if your organization is new to impact measurement, and doesn’t yet have its own Theory of Change.
Template library
Make sense of your data with user-friendly reports
Sharing the change you’re making to the world has never looked so good! Tell your very best impact story with Socialsuite's interactive dashboards, data visualizations and customization elements.
Take your impact further afield with our mobile app
Available on both iOS and Android, the Socialsuite Mobile App makes remote work possible. Add people to your programs, conduct surveys and record attendance - all while being offline.
App Mockup Pro
Keep information safe and secure with Socialsuite’s trusted technology
Built with powerful authentication and security features, Socialsuite is the perfect home for all your confidential data. Plus, we’ve got your employee access covered too - with different roles, for different types of users.
Beneficiary Entry Survey
Better outcomes for all
Socialsuite’s impact technology provides a simple, scalable and practical solution for outcomes-driven organizations.
Outline your program(s), and identify the outcomes you would like to measure.
Determine how often you would like to monitor a community, group or individual’s progress.
Create a timeline
Ask your questions and collect the data using simple surveys - even in remote locations.
Unlock actionable insights to improve program design, scale your services and secure increased funding.
Inclusivity Program
Share your positive social impact with the world.
Why choose Socialsuite?
Redefine the way your organization creates change with Socialsuite’s Impact technology.
Understand if you’re delivering outcomes
Obtain a 360-degree view of the individual lives you’re changing
Quickly identify if a program isn’t working, or needs improvement
Give valuable feedback to your employees
Say goodbye to manual data entry, saving money and time
Find out if your actions are meeting their objectives

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