Impact measurement, simplified

For outcomes-driven nonprofits, public foundations, social enterprises and NGOs looking to better understand how their initiatives impact people.

Impact measurement, simplified
Demonstrate positive social change with Socialsuite
In today’s world, impact reporting is just as important as financial. But that doesn’t make it any less of a complicated, time-consuming task - especially if you’re lacking reliable data. But what if you had access to technology that made it easier? A tool that helped secure increased funding, gave time back to your employees, and engaged your board members, customers, beneficiaries, suppliers and communities?

Socialsuite’s actionable reporting software and affordable coaching has helped over 1200 organizations to demonstrate and report on their impact.

It can take organizations upwards of $150K,  2+ years and multiple consultants to see meaningful social impact results.

Socialsuite’s end-to-end nonprofit solution helps teams to start, improve and scale impact measurement in MONTHS, not years.

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