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Why Socialsuite?

Our materiality software is designed to help consultants facilitate the materiality assessment process for their clients in a fast, efficient, and accurate way.

Drive Efficiencies

Our ESG coaches provide hands-on support to eliminate ESG complexity and get you started.

Accurate Calculations

Simplify sustainability reporting with easy-to-use software and an intuitive user interface. 

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Win New Business

Materiality reporting can be complex and expensive, but our software is simple and cost-effective.

Automated Analysis

We can connect you with our trusted partners to facilitate any stage of your ESG journey.

What our consultants say

"We are very excited to begin using your MA tool – it addresses many of the challenges we are facing and offers a solution to our internal capacity challenges. The more we can automate, the more I can refocus staff on other priority areas where there is not yet a solution.”

Nancy Foran
CEO & Founder,
ESG Partners

Our Materiality Process


Determine your materiality approach, requirements, and objectives.


Define your list of potential material sustainability topics with the executive team and peer benchmarking.


Assess your value chain to identify, group, and select key stakeholders. Stakeholders include employees, customers, board members, etc.


Engage with stakeholders via surveys and interviews to gather quantitative and qualitative data and insights.


Analyze the results, conduct internal validation, and select final material topics.

Materiality Software Features

CSRD & ESRS Aligned
Double Materiality

Consider financial IROs and impact IROs with the use of the double materiality feature.

Expert Materiality Consulting

Leverage Socialsuite's advisory services to help run one-on-one interviews, workshops, and focus groups to further assess materiality.

Customized Stakeholder Management

Group, weigh, and track unlimited stakeholders. Use our automated survey-sending or personally invite stakeholders with a unique sign-up link.

Advanced Topic Selection

Pre-defined topic lists developed from peer, industry, and competitive data and standardized frameworks (SASB, GRI, CSRD). Include extra customized topics or open-ended questions for more insight.

Real-Time Automated Analysis

Analyze survey data through aggregated standardized scoring. Visualize results for impact, risk, and opportunity in a scatter-plot matrix.

Secure Cloud Environment

Enterprise-level cloud security to safely collect and store your ESG data in one centralized platform.

UN SDG Alignment

Material topics are automatically aligned with the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Prioritize the SDGs your organization impacts most.

Instant Materiality Report

Consolidated summary highlighting the methodology, materiality matrix, analysis, and UN Sustainable Development Goal alignment.

Peer Benchmark Analysis

Analyze where your competitors and peers are on their sustainability and materiality journey so you don't fall behind the curve.

Latest resources

Stay up-to-date on the latest industry news, customer stories, and learn about how you can embed sustainability in your business.

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Ready to streamline your materiality assessment?

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