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Improve your ESG credentials, accurately measure company activities, commit to disclosure transparency and build sustainability success.

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The benchmark ESG software you need for your mining company

Socialsuite offers a collaborative, simplified approach to powerful ESG reporting from Day 1. Fast, affordable and trusted.

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Step 1

Contact our dedicated team

With robust sustainability qualifications and an extensive set of resumes, our ESG coaches are equipped to help you and your team to take your first step with ESG.

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Step 2

Create your baseline report

Discover your core ESG metrics, and create your baseline ESG disclosure report using the globally recognized World Economic Forum Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics ESG framework.

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Step 3

Make real, measurable ESG progress

Set goals, meet targets and devote consistent time to ESG alongside our coaches - all while continuously working towards a full set of disclosures.

The Future of ESG in Mining is with Socialsuite

Whether you're a junior mining company in the feasibility stage or further progressed into production, Socialsuite is the new standard for ESG reporting. With ESG reporting software, you can create long-term value, no matter when you start.

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Access To Capital

Investors care about ESG. Build ESG credentials to enhance your eligibility and ability to attract long-term capital and favourable financing conditions.

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ESG Compliance

Take a proactive approach to emerging global regulation by reporting against a comparable, standardized, and structured ESG framework - without technical jargon.

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Lift Brand Perception

Mining companies are at an increased risk of director liability and greenwashing perceptions. ESG helps to enhance company reputation and perception.

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Profitability and Growth

ESG reporting can create company-wide financial value by identifying cost-saving opportunities, driving continuous improvement and enhancing market differentiation.

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Supply Chain Benefits

ESG is mission-critical for global supply chain management. Executives and supply chain leaders are meeting the world’s net-zero challenge head-on. Commit today, or get left behind.

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Climate Progress

The global shift to renewable energy relies heavily on mining. To create real change, this must be balanced with sustainable mining practices and ESG considerations that benefit a range of stakeholders.

ESG Reporting Software

Socialsuite’s ESG reporting software is the easiest way to measure, track and report on the progress you’re making.

Make change against the globally recognized World Economic Forum Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics ESG framework, which includes core SASB and GRI metrics, Science Based Targets, GHG Protocol, and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

With customizable dashboards, progress visualizations and unlimited reporting capabilities, measuring and communicating your ESG activity is simple and shareable.

ESG Coaching

ESG reporting doesn’t need to feel complicated, time consuming or costly. Socialsuite has removed ESG barriers by introducing industry-leading expertise to assist you and your team in the process of starting ESG, creating your initial baseline and then working towards a full set of disclosures.

Acting as an outsourced ESG department without the consultancy price-tag, our team of ESG coaches help you to set goals, understand ESG jargon and unlock value.

Equipped to help you make genuine ESG progress, our global team is comprised from a diverse set of industries, sectors and ESG functions.

ESG Value

Action on ESG is good for business. Our unique ESG solution combines leading software with best-in-class coaches to assist the metals and mining industries in merging profit with purpose.

From increasing your ISS score, to raising funds and obtaining a competitive edge, over 200 companies trust Socialsuite to build ESG capability, benefit from the long-term business value and share progress with investors, customers, employees and the community.

ESG urgency has arrived. Let’s work together to create long-term change for the planet and business.

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Grange Resources embeds ESG as a step change towards net zero by 2035

Grange Resources Limited (ASX:GRR) makes a commitment to ESG as part of their strategy towards net zero. ESG represents an opportunity to take a step change across the business that benefits shareholders, the community and the environment.
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Brad Gurrie, CEO of Socialsuite, discussed the company’s role in the ESG domain. Socialsuite, launched less than two years ago, helps companies start and mature their ESG journeys.


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How do I know which ESG Framework is right for my company?

While regulatory requirements and enforcements vary around the world, it is universally expected that mandatory disclosures will become increasingly prevalent. That’s why it’s important to start benchmarking performance now – ideally against a globally recognized framework like the World Economic Forum’s Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics. This will protect your company’s market position while local regulations continue to evolve – and will also give you a robust model for mitigating compliance risks.

How do I know when my company is ready to report on ESG?

Starting your reporting journey today is one of the best ways to show your commitment and dedication to ESG transparency standards, and there's no need to wait for perfection before beginning - metrics can always be improved over time. Plus, there is likely a great deal of relevant work your company is already doing. ESG is about making these activities visible to the market. Socialsuite helps you find those quick wins, then we talk about how you can progress and improve your ESG credentials over time.

My investors don’t care about ESG. Why should I start reporting?

The days of investors focusing solely on financial statements are long gone. If you want to attract retail investors, institutional investors or fund managers, you’ll need to meet ESG criteria. Society, investors, consumers and employees are expecting companies to grow in a financially sustainable, yet environmentally viable way. ESG isn’t just used by socially conscious investors to screen companies prior to investing, it’s also looked at by customers, consumers and employees when they’re making decisions about what companies to get behind. ESG is a global priority, so if ESG is not a priority for your business, ask yourself why.

Does my company need to report on ESG?

Action on ESG is essential for companies seeking investor dollars, regulatory approvals, and the social license to operate. As companies, large and small, face increasing demands from their stakeholders, ESG disclosure is officially no longer a ‘nice to have’. Under growing pressure from government regulators, investors, customers and employees; companies must look to understand the economic realities of ESG – and its impact on people, planet and prosperity.

What our clients say

One of our core values is that our customers always come first. We ensure this happens by collaborating with our customers to solve their ESG problems and help share their progress.

“Latin Resources is very pleased to join the Socialsuite ESG Go platform and is committed to minimising its environmental impact. The company believes the ESG criteria paves the way forward for sustainable business and investment.”

Chris Gale

Executive Director, Latin Resources

“We've found some potential investors that want to be in the impact space - Socialsuite has changed the game. Every time you login to Socialsuite, you're actually trying to think about better practice and making progress across your business.”

Lindsay Reed

Chief Executive Officer, Minbos Resources

“We explored other options but didn't find any as simple or transparent as Socialsuite. We engaged Socialsuite to streamline, monitor and disclose our ESG progress and initiatives. We chose what we believe will become the industry standard for mining. ”

Joanne Bergamin

Communications Director, QEM Limited

“With Socialsuite’s support, we were able to publish a comprehensive Impact report and better articulate our CSR philosophy, which we believe will drive greater success for our customers, partners, and shareholders.”

Tejal Engman

Senior Vice President - Investor Relations, DoubleVerify

Ready to maximize your organization’s impact?

Whether it’s a public company, a private company, or a charity, Socialsuite has the right solution for you.