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Five Key Learnings From A Purpose Expert

Socialsuite recently sat down with Purpose Expert, Phil Preston to have a detailed discussion surrounding the first indicator in the universal World Economic Forum’s ESG framework: Setting Purpose. 

Here are the 5 key insights we learnt from our conversation with Phil: 

  • Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility are good. However, they're not necessarily resourced well enough to really drive the change we need today.

  • A good purpose statement describes why you exist, and the promise you make to your customers about solving their problems and improving their lives.

  • An ideal vision statement is a representation of the world you’re trying to create as a result of your purpose.

  • Your purpose statement requires buy-in across the business, and it should play a key role in your decision making.

  • A good purpose statement is outcome orientated, easily communicated, well-scoped, inspiring for employees and long lasting. 

Corporate Purpose is a journey in itself, and a good purpose statement is ever-evolving. Is your organization’s purpose linked to a societal benefit? Let us know on LinkedIn. If it’s not - contact our team for help with getting started. 

You can view our full conversation with Phil on our YouTube channel

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Eleanor Carter
Senior Marketing Strategist @ Socialsuite
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