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Introducing outcomes measurement to your staff

One of the determinants of success for any outcomes measurement project lies in enlisting the ongoing support of your staff. 

Having dedicated resources to own the process is key to ensuring longevity and sustainability of your measurement project. But just remember that hinging the responsibility of outcomes measurement on one person is not a viable option just in case that person leaves. 

Therefore, it is important that there is ongoing collective ownership, which can really only be achieved through a strongly embedded outcomes culture. 

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Here are some simple talking points to start an outcomes conversation with your team: 

  1. Talk about how outcomes measurement will help to ensure the longevity of the programs and services being delivered, by enabling the organisation to provide a strong business case for securing and retaining funding. Share that more than 80% of donors tend to prefer donating to a nonprofit that can demonstrate the evidence of its impact (based on a poll conducted by Socialsuite). 
  1. Highlight how outcomes measurement will allow staff to see that the hours they are putting in with beneficiaries are resulting in intended outcomes, and not a waste a time 
  1. Cover how outcomes measurement will enable the extrapolation of important proof points for further program improvements 
  1. Describe how outcomes measurement will be an incredibly effective trust-building exercise with your beneficiaries, by giving them a voice to provide valuable feedback 
  1. Emphasise that outcomes measurement is a simple process that will not add to their workload, through the help of simple tools and technology that is available. 

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Dr Clara Ong
Cofounder and Social Impact Expert @ Socialsuite
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