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Small and Mid-sized Companies are Increasingly Prioritizing ESG Disclosures, According to McKinsey Report

A recent report by management consulting firm McKinsey & Company suggests that small and mid-sized companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) disclosures. Despite initial challenges, many companies have found that ESG reporting can help attract investors, improve brand reputation, and mitigate risks.

According to the report, one challenge smaller companies face when starting ESG reporting is the lack of available data. Smaller companies often do not have the same resources or capacity to collect and analyze ESG data as larger firms. However, McKinsey notes that ESG data is becoming more widely available and standardized, making it easier for companies to access and utilize.

One example of a small company that has found success in ESG reporting is Optoro, a technology company focused on reverse logistics and sustainability. Optoro CEO Tobin Moore notes that, "While we were hesitant to start sharing data and disclosures around ESG in our early days, we’ve found that it's become a core part of how we communicate with our stakeholders."

Another challenge for smaller companies is understanding which ESG issues are most relevant to their business and stakeholders. McKinsey suggests that companies can start by identifying the most pressing ESG risks and opportunities within their industry and developing a clear strategy for addressing them.

Ultimately, the report suggests that ESG reporting is becoming an essential part of doing business, regardless of company size. As more investors and stakeholders demand transparency and accountability, companies that prioritize ESG disclosures may have a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining customers and investors.

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Brad Gurrie
Chief Executive Officer
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