Why It’s Important For Board Members To Embrace ESG Commitments With Open Arms

A company’s long term success now depends on its ability to increase focus on ESG.

Socialsuite outlines why it’s important for board members to act on this shift, and embrace ESG commitments with open arms - before it’s too late.

“Global sustainable investment now tops $30 trillion—up 68% since 2014 and tenfold since 2004. The acceleration has been driven by heightened social, governmental, and consumer attention on the broader impact of corporations, as well as by the investors and executives who realize that a strong ESG proposition can safeguard a company’s long-term success. The magnitude of investment flow suggests that ESG is much more than a fad or a feel-good exercise.”
-- McKinsey & Company

Written by
Eleanor Carter
Senior Marketing Strategist @ Socialsuite

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