Socialsuite Highlights the Power of ESG with Customer Insights at Mines and Money Melbourne

June 16, 2023

Melbourne, Australia - On the second day of the Mines and Money Melbourne conference, Socialsuite, a leading Environmental Social and Corporate Governance Solution, conducted a presentation which featured an interview with Mike Rosenstreich, CEO of Helix Resources, a valued customer of Socialsuite. The conference, which showcased over 40 mining companies and industry service providers, attracted more than 160 investors, and took place on June 15, 2023, at the Ritz Carlton hotel Melbourne.

During the session, Mike Rosenstreich shared his insights on the significance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. Rosenstreich stated that ESG is not just a matter of compliance but an opportunity for companies to thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape.

The interview highlighted key takeaways from Rosenstreich, emphasizing the transformative power of ESG in various aspects of his operations. According to him, embracing ESG principles enhances a company's ability to attract and retain talent, as professionals are increasingly drawn to organizations that prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. By focusing on ESG, Helix Resources can strengthen their relationships with stakeholders, leading to further business growth and opportunities.

Rosenstreich also emphasized that ESG initiatives act as a gateway to a range of investors. In the European Union and the United Kingdom, ESG reporting has become an expected standard among investors. Therefore, to access capital and effectively tap into these markets, mining companies must integrate robust ESG practices into their operations.

Furthermore, ESG reporting allows all stakeholders to view a company through a different lens. By transparently showcasing their ESG efforts, mining companies can establish trust and credibility among shareholders, communities, and the wider public. This increased transparency can lead to improved stakeholder engagement and foster positive long-term relationships.

Socialsuite's CEO, Brad Gurrie, welcomed the opportunity to interview Mike Rosenstreich, a customer who has implemented ESG practices with the help of Socialsuite's platform. Gurrie emphasized that ESG goes beyond regulatory compliance and presents an opportunity for companies to create true organisational value.

The presence of Socialsuite and the insights from Mike Rosenstreich at the Mines and Money Melbourne conference further underscored the industry's increasing focus on ESG practices.