Socialsuite Invited to ASX Webinar: Highlighting the Importance of ESG Reporting for Small and Mid-Cap Companies

February 16, 2023

Sydney, Australia - Socialsuite, a leading ESG solution, was recently invited to participate in the ASX webinar titled "ESG Reporting for Small and Mid-Cap Companies." The webinar, featuring notable industry experts, shed light on the significance of ESG reporting for small and mid-cap companies. Among the distinguished panellists were Dr. Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom, Chief Impact Officer at Socialsuite, Socialsuite customer FYI Resources, Fidelity International, Ethical Partners, and the ASX.

Dr. Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom, Chief Impact Officer at Socialsuite, shared his expertise during the webinar, emphasizing the role of ESG reporting in driving positive social and environmental impacts. He highlighted how ESG reporting enables companies to measure, monitor, and optimize their performance, enhancing transparency and accountability.

The webinar also featured esteemed industry professionals, including Daniela Jaramillo, Head of Sustainable Investing Australia at Fidelity International, Robyn Parkin, Head of Sustainability at Ethical Partners, and Giri Tenneti, Senior Manager of Listed Company Services at the ASX. These experts provided valuable perspectives on ESG reporting and its implications for small and mid-cap companies.

One key takeaway from the webinar was the increasing significance of ESG reporting for small and mid-cap companies. Fund managers are actively incorporating ESG factors into their investment strategies, and companies that do not report on ESG may be overlooked or screened out. ESG reporting acts as a critical tool for these companies to attract and retain investors who prioritize sustainable and responsible practices.

Handout materials and additional resources related to ESG reporting for small and mid-cap companies were made available during the webinar. These materials serve as valuable references for companies seeking to enhance their ESG reporting practices and align with industry standards and investor expectations.


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Socialsuite's inclusion in the ASX webinar reinforces the company's position as a leader in the ESG space. With its comprehensive social impact measurement platform, Socialsuite empowers small and mid-cap companies to effectively measure, track, and report their ESG performance. By providing the necessary tools and guidance, Socialsuite enables these companies to enhance their sustainability efforts and meet the evolving demands of investors and stakeholders.