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Hear from our ESG leaders and early adopters on the benefits of solid reporting; including greater access to investors, the ability to work with top global firms and attracting the best and brightest talent.

By delivering against ESG we can create long term sustainable value, while driving positive outcomes.

Francis Wedin, Managing Director
Vulcan Energy (ASX: VUL)
Francis Wedin, Managing Director
Initial ESG leaders
ESG leaders in October 2021

Vulcan Energy (ASX: VUL) 

Francis Wedin, Managing Director

“At Vulcan, positive impact and ESG is the core reason we started the company and our Zero Carbon Lithium®️ project. We are proud therefore to be a first adopter of the ESG Global Standard Metrics. We know that by delivering against ESG we can create long term sustainable value, while driving positive outcomes for the business, the economy, society and the planet. Working with Socialsuite technology and the standard ESG metrics has helped us get started with reporting our ESG position and understanding how we can continue to build over time.”



Global Energy Ventures (ASX: GEV) 

Martin Carolan, Managing Director & CEO

“Global Energy Ventures (GEV) is a company that is developing a zero emission shipping solution for the marine transport of hydrogen and it has already demonstrated that our CNG Optimum supply chain for the marine transport of natural gas produces 3-4x lower GHG emissions than LNG. So in the context of extending our ESG framework across the whole business it is important that we embrace the social and governance factors to back up our environmental benefits and drive value in our company.”




Latin Resources  (ASX: LRS) 

Chris Gale, Executive Director

“Latin Resources is very pleased to join the Socialsuite ESG Go platform and is committed to minimising its environmental impact with its various green energy projects in Australia and South America. The company believes the ESG criteria paves the way forward for sustainable business and investment.”


FYI Resources  (ASX: FYI) 

Roland Hill, Managing Director

"There is growing evidence that companies that align their long-term corporate goals to strong ESG objectives are more likely to create long term sustainable value.” 


SRJ Technologies Group PLC  (ASX: SRJ) 

Alexander Wood, Chief Executive Officer

“Adopting ESG reporting and transparency will accelerate our company’s ability to achieve and report provable ESG status with regular updates on the company’s progress.” 


88 Energy  (ASX: 88E) 

Ashley Gilbert, Managing Director

"I am delighted that the 88 Energy Board has adopted this universal ESG framework to measure and report on our performance in these areas.  88 Energy continues to build on its success as an energy explorer on the North Slope of Alaska, whilst also contributing to the development of this region.  We are proud to be introducing the global gold standard in ESG principles to our way of thinking and how we do business."

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