Introducing Socialsuite’s free impact measurement workshop for nonprofit teams.

Are you looking to start measuring and reporting on your impact? Accelerate your journey with Socialsuite’s free (yes, we mean COMPLETELY FREE) 2 day impact workshop, specifically created to fast-track the impact measurement and evaluation learning curve.

What you’ll learn.

Day 1 (1 hour):

  • Tuesday, December 7th at 10am PST  
  • Live repeat at 6pm EST / 10am AEDT (8th Dec)

Day 2 (1 hour):

  • Thursday, December 9th at 10am PST
  • Live repeat at 6pm EST / 10am AEDT (10th Dec)

Our experts will guide you through the complete impact measurement journey - from initial understanding of outcomes, to creating your Theory of Change, all the way through to interpreting and presenting data. 

By the end of day 2, your team will have all the tools they need in order to start confidently incorporating impact measurement into your nonprofit’s operations, strategies and communications. 

So that you can easily demonstrate your new impact measurement knowledge to stakeholders, every graduating nonprofit will receive a digital certificate to proudly place on their website.

Nonprofits are invited to join us for both sessions, however, those with more advanced impact measurement experience may wish to join us for day 2 only.

We’re running each day twice, so that you can join us live from wherever you are in the world.

Day 1

1 hour

  • Understanding evaluation

    • Purpose and value
    • Motivations
    • Key terms and concepts
    • Key stages
  • Clarifying the “why”

    • Intentions and desired impact
    • Key motivations (improve, learn, assess, etc)
    • Aspirations
    • Accountability/Responsibility
  • Getting your team ready for evaluation

    • Building excitement
    • Finding and supporting champions
    • Ensuring relevance
    • Getting organized

Day 2

1 hour

  • Developing your evaluation plan

    • Key components of an evaluation plan
  • Data collection

    • Socialsuite overview
    • Socialsuite planning tools overview
  • Reporting

    • Ensuring your reporting and evaluation align
    • Data visualization and audience
    • Communication plan
    • Sharing results with stakeholders

Introducing your workshop facilitators

Neil Price
Neil is Executive Director at LogicalOutcomes, a not-for-profit consultancy that works to improve human services and social policy. His consulting practice focuses on evaluation, stakeholder engagement and applied research. Neil's writing has appeared in NOW Magazine, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Hazlitt, Canadian Art, The Conversation, among other publications. He was previously Reviews Editor at Humber Literary Review.
Sophie Llewelyn
Sophie is a skilled evaluator and project manager, with fifteen years’ experience conducting qualitative and mixed-methods research in academic contexts and with non-profit organizations. She is a Senior Manager at LogicalOutcomes, where she manages SIS evaluation platform design, development, and support, conducts evaluations, facilitates training in evaluation, and supports non-profit organizations to design and manage their own evaluation projects.
Peggy Tseung
Peggy joined LogicalOutcomes as Office Manager in June 2020. As a small business owner in Mississauga Ontario, her gym was affected by the province-wide shut down for many months. During this difficult time, it was serendipitous to find an organization that aligned with her personal values, offering a role that leveraged her business experience and administrative skills. While her small business has survived the pandemic and has since reopened, Peggy continues in her Office Manager role at LogicalOutcomes.
Christian Mosley
Christian Mosley is the Head of Business Development at Socialsuite, supporting nonprofit organizations by accessing their needs and helping them get started on a path to success. With extensive experience working at the intersection of technology and the nonprofit sector, Christian is passionate about empowering organizations to measure and show how close, or how far, we are to the world we want to live in.
Thomas Latimer
Tom is a Solutions Consultant at Socialsuite, with extensive knowledge in the technology sector he is hugely passionate about transferring that knowledge to help nonprofits really understand their true impact through the use of technology.
Zach Sonett
Zach is Socialsuite’s North American Business Development Manager and Impact Specialist based in San Francisco. Passionate about combining his extensive technology background with his knowledge of the nonprofit sector, he is an expert in helping organizations to measure, monitor and report on how their activities affect our communities.

Why are we offering our workshop for free?

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s time to give back to our incredible nonprofit community. 

Here at Socialsuite, we understand that impact measurement can often be costly, complicated and time-consuming. These issues often delay - or even stop - the impact measurement progression. We wanted to help you confidently close out the year, by providing a working solution to an industry-wide problem. 

The aim of our workshops is to provide nonprofits’ and their teams with the opportunity to accelerate their social impact knowledge, share stories with like-minded organizations, and learn from experts in a structured and empathetic environment. 

Let’s work together to make a difference to the world.

Socialsuite’s GETTING READY FOR EVALUATION is a free 2 day workshop. Please register your interest below. Then… sit back, relax and wait to hear from us in your inbox.

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Frequently asked questions

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