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Impact Reports: Driving Corporate Responsibility and Generating Positive Results

Impact reports are crucial documents that outline a company's social and environmental impact, both positive and negative. They enable companies to understand their impact and make more sustainable decisions, communicate their commitment to sustainability to stakeholders, and meet legal requirements.

"Our annual impact report is an essential tool for holding ourselves accountable to our stakeholders and the world at large. It ensures that we stay true to our mission of creating a better, more sustainable future." - Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

"Our impact report has been critical to our success as a socially responsible company. It has helped us identify areas where we can improve and provided a roadmap for achieving our sustainability goals." - Ajay Banga, Executive Chairman of Mastercard.

CEOs cite three main benefits from Impact Reports -

  • Help companies understand their impact and make more sustainable decisions.
  • Communicate a company's social and environmental responsibility to stakeholders.
  • Meet legal requirements and regulations related to impact.

Procter & Gamble publishes a "Citizenship Report" - This report details P&G's commitment to environmental sustainability, human rights, and social responsibility. It has helped the company reduce waste and improve their social impact.

Coca-Cola's Sustainability Report outlines Coca-Cola's progress towards achieving its sustainability goals, including water stewardship and sustainable packaging. It has helped the company reduce its environmental impact while inspiring others to do the same.

Impact reports are a powerful tool for driving corporate responsibility and generating positive results.

Over 90 public companies and 70 non-profit organizations use Socialsuite for tracking and reporting on their impact. With the help of our ESG software and expert team, businesses can easily get started on impact reporting, disclose faster, and save money compared to traditional methods. Whether you're new to impact reporting or looking to enhance your current practices, Socialsuite offers the tools and expertise needed to achieve your sustainability goals. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.

Brad Gurrie
Chief Executive Officer
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