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ESG purpose
Are you looking to deliver greater transparency around your sustainability and environmental, social and governance strategies?

With multiple solutions, costly price-points and complex frameworks, it can be difficult to know exactly where to begin. Which is why Socialsuite offers a quick and simple starting point, enabling organizations to announce their ESG commitments to the world within minutes.
Take your first step with ESG and communicate the change you’re making to the world.
Universal standard for ESG reporting
Socialsuite helps organizations to report on their quarterly progress against the World Economic Forum’s 21 standardized core metrics. Use Socialsuite’s trusted technology to disclose and accelerate your change.
Quick & easy setup
Experience technology that makes ESG reporting efficient and simple. Our expert ESG team provides guidance and support to empower you to demonstrate ongoing progress in ESG disclosures.
Start now, scale later
Getting started doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Gradually increase complexity and scope as your ESG reporting needs increase.
Shareable reports
Announce your commitment to ESG to the market straightway. Use a suite of templates and reports to demonstrate ongoing ESG disclosure progress in your quarterly reporting.
ESG report
Socialsuite’s ESG technology
Meet our experts, set your ESG baseline and first action plan in just 60 minutes.
Create your ESG baseline
Set attainable ESG disclosure goals
Progress your ESG action plan
Share ESG disclosures publicly
Report your ESG disclosure progress
ESG technology
The benefits of ESG excellence
Access ESG funds
There are more ESG funds than there are ESG investment-ready opportunities.
Secure top tier customers
Top companies are conscious of ESG in their supply chain and want to buy from best-in-class suppliers.
Attract the most talented teams
Smart people no longer want to work for non-ESG companies.
Shareholder returns with positive impact
Be proud of creating positive change in the world, while providing outsized returns to shareholders.
Join an industry of leaders
Socialsuite is fast becoming the standard for small to medium organizations, with over 30 ASX companies adopting Socialsuite as the leading disclosure platform.
Mitigate against ESG risks
Prevent director liability over non-disclosure of climate change risks, avoid public ‘ESG voting’, and head off ‘greenwashing’ claims with genuine ESG progress.

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