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Reporting against the World Economic Forum’s ESG Metrics on Socialsuite’s ESG platform has been important for ECT to become a ‘best-of-peer’ clean technology company, increasing the attractiveness to our current and future stakeholders.
Glenn Fozard, CEO of Environmental Clean Technologies
In the context of extending our ESG framework across the whole business it is important that we embrace the social and governance factors to back up our environmental benefits and drive value in our company.
Martin Carolan, Managing Director & CEO of Global Energy Ventures
Latin Resources believes that ESG criteria paves the way forward for sustainable business and investment.
Chris Gale, Executive Director of Latin Resources
We’ve found some potential investors that want to be in the impact space - Socialsuite has changed the game. Every time you login to Socialsuite, you're actually trying to think about better practice.
Lyndsay Reed, CEO of Minbos Resources
Socialsuite’s ESG webinar series
Join our informative ESG webinars if you are looking to better understand ESG and hear directly from business leaders on how they are implementing ESG into their strategies and operations. Join our expert ESG team to discuss relevant topics, such as the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), setting corporate purpose, and learn from our ESG customers and global ESG experts.
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Take your first step with ESG and share the change you’re making to the world.
Quick and simple starting point
Set your ESG baseline in 60 minutes and announce your commitment to stakeholders.
Easy-to-use technology
Track, measure, and manage your ESG disclosure progress with Socialsuite’s ESG technology.
Accessible ESG framework
Report against a comparable, standardized, and structured ESG framework, without technical ESG jargon.
Scalable reporting
Keep momentum with quarterly progress reporting using Socialsuite’s simple workflows and step-by-step actions.
Time-saving resources
Access guidance documents, templates and pro-formas in Socialsuite’s dedicated ESG resource library.
Best-in-class ESG coaching
Develop your ESG knowledge with personalized account management, and a dedicated hour of ESG coaching a quarter.
Media exposure & visibility
Leverage the reach of Socialsuite's ESG report distribution to investors, markets, and stakeholders.

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Commit to building ESG credentials and actionable change
Join Socialsuite’s global customers in using our standardized, recognized, and structured Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) technology to start ESG reporting and demonstrate quarterly ESG progress.
Access ESG Funds
ESG is reshaping the finance industry, with over $36 trillion already committed to companies that can demonstrate their ESG commitments. This number is expected to grow to $50 trillion over the next five years. While Europe is leading the way, the US already accounts for $17 trillion of this global ESG figure.
Secure top tier customers
83% of consumers think companies should be actively shaping ESG best practices. Consumers aside, top companies are also conscious of ESG in their supply chain. They consider, for example, how their supply-chain delivers on their organization’s purpose and what their up-and down-stream Greenhouse Gas emissions are.
Attract talented employees
Today’s employees want to work for companies that are actively contributing towards change. Employees show increased loyalty and heightened engagement if their employer aligns with their own personal values and purpose.
Positive community perception
How do your operations affect the world around you? Doing business at all levels is easier with community support. Stakeholders and communities are increasingly demanding that companies commit to genuine ESG strategies.
Create shared value
Join the global stakeholder capitalism movement in which businesses are shifting from maximizing profits only for shareholders to creating sustained shared value for all stakeholders.
Mitigate against ESG risks
Now more than ever, it’s important that organizations understand the importance of transparent, trusted and standardized ESG reporting. Prevent director liability over non-disclosure of climate-related risks, avoid public ‘ESG voting’, and head off greenwashing claims with genuine ESG progress.