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Socialsuite is an all-in-one, simple and cost-effective ESG reporting platform. Publicly traded companies on NYSE, NASDAQ, ASX, OTC and TSX use our software to simplify and manage their ESG disclosures.

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ESG and Sustainability Features

Materiality Assessment Icon

Pinpoint your top sustainability issues. Survey your stakeholders; quickly and easily. Take the guesswork out of ESG reporting.

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SDG prioritisation

Align and prioritise against the Sustainable Development Goals. Understand your impact on these critical global challenges.

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Coaching & Consulting

Collaborate, soundboard, and learn. Use your ESG Coach or Consultant to improve your sustainability practices.

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Collect, report, and improve your ESG reporting. Centralise and simplify ESG reporting with Socialsuite.

Gap Analysis Icon

Gap Analysis

Match existing data to ESG reporting requirements. Find gaps and improvement areas in your sustainability data.

Progress Dashboard Icon

Progress Dashboard

Visualise your ESG journey on a single page. Share your ESG progress simply and quickly with key stakeholders.

Investor Connect Icon

Investor connect

Discover investors that care about ESG. Leverage sustainability to position your ESG credentials to providers of capital.

Investor Slide Icon

Investor slide

Do the work. Show the world. Our creative ESG assets help you make ESG a point of differentiation.

Roadmap Icon


Avoid the stressful ‘sprint’. Plan ahead with our ESG roadmap. Allocate actions and set deadlines. Report on time, every time.

Report Builder Icon

Climate risk

Identify and report your climate-related financial risks and disclose your management adaptation measures in line with TCFD and California's SB-261 requirements.

GHG Planning Icon

Learn how to start Greenhouse Gas emission reporting. Select the right GHG solution. Create your first carbon inventory.

Ratings Review Icon

Ratings review

Worried about ESG ratings? Learn how it works and how to improve your ESG scores.

Data Repository Icon

Data repository

Centralise sustainability and ESG data. A single platform. One source of truth. Simplified reporting.



Zero-touch ESG visibility. A single site with your sustainability and ESG credentials. Always up-to-date.

Board Dashboard

Board session

Bring the board on-board with ESG. Leverage Socialsuite’s ESG experts to guide and train your board.

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