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Our simple-to-use software and expert ESG coaches support companies to quickly and cost effectively start their ESG reporting journeys.
A comprehensive resource library of videos, templates and pro-formas will help you start building your baseline as soon as you’re set up.
Share dashboards and reports across your website, investor decks and earnings reports.

Create Value through ESG

Easily share your ESG journey with investors, customers and employees to unlock long-term ESG value.
Access To Capital
By building ESG credentials, you can enhance your ability to attract long-term capital and favourable financing conditions, while not being screened out of opportunities.
Profitability and growth
ESG reporting can create financial value for a company by identifying cost-saving opportunities, driving continuous improvement and enhancing market differentiation.
Reputation and branding
ESG reporting helps to enhance your company’s reputation and perception with all of your stakeholders. Also not to forget, it really helps these days with attracting and retaining talent.
ESG compliance
Take a proactive approach to emerging global regulation, by reporting against a comparable, standardized, and structured ESG framework, without technical ESG jargon.

Meet the ESG Leaders

Socialsuite’s ESG solution is fast becoming the standard for organizations looking to disclose and accelerate their positive change. Meet the companies leading the way.
“Latin Resources is very pleased to join the Socialsuite ESG Go platform and is committed to minimising its environmental impact. The company believes the ESG criteria paves the way forward for sustainable business and investment.”
Chris Gale
Executive Director, Latin Resources
“We've found some potential investors that want to be in the impact space - Socialsuite has changed the game. Every time you login to Socialsuite, you're actually trying to think about better practice.”
Lindsay Reed
Chief Executive Officer, Minbos Resources
Photo of David Frances, CEO for Province Resources Limited
“We were already practising ESG before Socialsuite but their technology has transformed the way we communicate the work we're dedicating to ESG. It helped give us structure, clear actions, and accelerate our ESG journey.”
David Frances
Chief Executive Officer, Province Resources

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